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Makeup Collection~ How I Organize My Everyday Makeup Setup

  Hey Everyone!

Before I get into showing you all my latest video that I posted which is my "Makeup Collection and how I organize my everyday makeup setup", I'd like to say YAY for Gabby Douglas who is the US gymnast who just won Gold in the all around gymnast competition. I couldn't be more thrilled for her! :) It's a great day for the US and the world of gymnastics!

Back to my video. I posted this to give you guys some ideas on how I organize products, and where I bought some basic organization tools. I've gotten questions about it in the past and I wanted to do a little overview.

My favorite videos to watch are the ones when people show how they organize...is that weird?! I guess that's why I was so interested in making this video for you.


A special thanks to MANDY for letting me use her music in my videos. :) I'm a big fan!





The Importance of a Good Eye Shadow Base/Primer- My Favorite Choice!

To me- applying an eye shadow base before applying make up is like brushing your teeth. It's absolutely necessary and NEEDS TO BE DONE!! I am surprised at how many people never use eye shadow primers. A good primer makes all the difference in the world when you want to create a really beautiful professional looking eye look. It helps your eye make  up last longer, prevents it from creasing, 

brings out the depth of the colors and makes your lid look more even and perfected. 

My favorite is "Painterly" Paint Pot from MAC Cosmetics. This is something I really don't go a day without. I have tried dozens of eye shadow primers and I'm still addicted to my Painterly. 

Please watch my short video I made talking about this  WONDERFUL product!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuOQM1d9lY0&w=560&h=315]

Run don't walk to get this for your lovely lids if you don't have it already. If you're going to a local MAC store (in the Twin Cities) , feel free to reach out to me for some other product recommendations and I can let the amazing girls that work there that you're coming in. ;) 


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Meet Bear...

Hi! Just wanted to drop in this weekend and introduce you all to someone I’m sure you’ve already seen…our Bear. :) I will go back  to normal beauty posts tomorrow. 

Click on this link to see the video clip I made: Meet Bear…

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Vote for Best Blog and Website for City Pages “BEST OF TWIN CITIES 2012″

City Pages is doing their annual BEST OF CONTEST. I would absolutely love your vote for the City Pages “best of twin cities 2012″ for best blog and website.  There is a survey you have to fill out at this link:http://polls.citypages.com/polls/min/bestof12/

Put your name, email ( you can opt out of them sending you things) then just answer #

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Watch my video here: Vote Lovelo Beauty for best of twin cities 2012 blog and website. :)

I’d appreciate your love your support in this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love writing this blog. For the past 3 years it has been something I am really passionate about. I hope to continue for many more years, and I’d love your VOTE!



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Tangerine Lips for 2012

Hey Guys! I love playing around with lip colors!  I tend to lean more towards medium to hot pink colors. They have always just been my personal favorite to wear. But, I think this spring and summer tangerine lips are where it's at! :)

The new PANTONE 2012 color of the year was named and it is: Tangerine Tango!

This means, bust out your best orange lip shade and rock it. There are ALL different shades of orange so I'm sure you can find one that you feel comfortable in. Maybe even a peachy orange gloss? Or, a red orange lipstick. 


If you don't want to do tangerine lips do your nails or accessories in this awesome color!!!



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Breda Watch Giveaway Winner!!

Hey Everyone!! I am going to announce my Breda Watch Giveaway Winner!! 

Thank you all so much for entering and"liking" Breda Watches on facebook. Hopefully, you have taken a look at the Breda watch website http://www.bredawatch.com/ and have fallen in love with their watches just like me. :) 

My winner of the contest is..... LAURA BARNES. Congrats girl!! Please send me your shipping address right away so Breda can get the watch out to you. 

If you didn't win, don't be discouraged. I have some other giveaways coming up and I will keep posting fabulous beauty and style blogs. 


xoxo Love Lauren

Happy Valentines Day from Nairobi...

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be writing to you all this morning. It is 10 am Kenya time and 1 am your time. All of you in the U.S should hopefully be asleep.

Happy Valentines Day!!! I am writing now because I want to take any chance I can get to tell you all about my trip so far.

We had a very eventful day yesterday and are expecting to have another today. We are going to a Nairobi slum this afternoon, meeting with Daystar Alumni later, and going to dinner with a graduate from Nairobi later.

It is so interesting be half way across the world. Kenya is so different from the U.S. I've noticed so many differences and it's only the 2nd day. It is interesting when you walk into a grocery store or church how the young kids stare. While in a grocery store, children younger than 10 came up to us to shake our hands.

It is definitely warm here... around the 80's and 90's. MUCH different from the freezing temps in Minnesota.

Food is very different here...the only fruits I've seen are Banana's, pinapple, mango, papaya , lime and watermelon. Cheese and dairy products are very rare in Kenya and you don't see much of them.

Yesterday we had a Kenyan meal consisting of Ugali which is a boiled cornmeal, steamed cabbage and a beef stew. You can't drink tap water, so we buy bottled water when we are out and have a jug for where we are staying.

They have hot water heaters that you must turn on an hour or two before you take a shower, otherwise you will not have hot water.

I have not seen many animals here...or bugs. It rained last night so we did see giant slugs (pictures coming). oh! And, a gecko.

That's all for now. I will have many videos and pictures to share with you all when I return. Right now I can't post many since they take up too much internet usage time.

Thank you all for reading and following along for this journey with me.

The daystar blog: http://daystarjoh.blogspot.com/



Mission Trip in AFRICA~ A New Year

A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park.

Hey Everyone!

To all of you reading this...Hope you had a wonderful holiday, and safe and happy new years eve and day! Today is New Years day and I am very excited for new discoveries and adventures that await in 2011!!

This is not so much a "beauty" blog but more a personal one...something I want to share with all of you reading, all my friends, supporters and people who view my blog. I have been wanting to share this with all of you because I was SO EXCITED when I found out about the opportunity, but I didn't know if we'd have enough funds.

Royce and I are going to AFRICA!!! Nairobi, Kenya to be exact. It will be in the middle of February 2011, so that's only about a month and a half away. I am so excited!  We will be gone for a little over 2 weeks and it is a trip involving missions work with Royce's home church AND to check out universities and programming for potential job opportunities. 

From the time Royce and I started dating he told me he wanted to do missions work over seas as part of his career. He's always had it in his heart to do this and I too share the same passion for travel, sharing God's love and word all over the world. Therefore, this trip is full of possibility and I am OVER THE MOON excited to go. :)

While I am over there, I am going to try to post as often as I can, but for that time period I will be only blogging about KENYA. It will be a lot of personal experiences with maybe some beauty posts mixed in. But, they will all be related to in some way.. Kenya. If you want to keep up with me while I am in Kenya , and experience some of it with me, make sure you subscribe to this blog so that you will automatically get an e-mail saying that I posted something new.

If any of you have connections to Kenya in any way, or know anything about the beauty industry in Africa, have been there yourself, or just want to give me some suggestions PLEASE feel free to e-mail me @ leolucky777@yahoo.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Talk to you guys soon. OH! Don't miss out, my giveaway for Fantasy Jewelry box only runs until tomorrow. Enter while you still can! And, thank you..all of you for reading my blog.


Last Minute Holiday Deals and Gift Ideas Part 2


Hey Everyone!

Lyrics by the Inspirational India Arie:

There's Hope

Back when I had a little I thought that I needed a lot A little was over rated, but a lot was a little too complicated You see-Zero didn't satisfy me A million didn't make me happy That's when I learned a lesson That it's all about your perception Hey-are you a pauper or a superstar So you act, so you feel, so you are It ain't about the size of your car

It's about the size of the faith in your heart

There's hope It doesn't cost a thing to smile You don't have to pay to laugh You better thank God for that There's hope




Off in the back country of Brazil A met a young brother that made me feel That I could accomplish anything. You see just like me he wanted to sing He had no windows and no doors He lived a simple life and was extremely poor On top of all of that he had no eye sight, but that didn't keep him from seein' the light He said, what's it like in the USA, and all I did was complain He said-livin' here is paradise He taught me paradise is in your mind You know that

Every time I turn on the T.V. (There's Hope) Somebody's acting crazy (There's Hope) If you let it, it will drive you crazy (There's Hope) but I'm takin' back my power today (There's Hope) Gas prices they just keep on rising (There's Hope) The government they keep on lying but we gotta keep on surviving Keep living our truth and do the best we can do

I used to have this song as my phone ringtone about 5 years ago... i heard it the other day and it made me think that it's a good song lyric to remember at this time. Christmas time...when we should be thankful for what we have and not focused on what we still need.

So it's the EVE before Christmas Eve... and I still have some last minute gift ideas for anyone needing a girly kind of gift, or stocking stuffer.

  • Spongeables. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love this company! These sponges are already loaded with soap and you can get tons of uses out of them. They make great soap/sponges for travel or for at home. I have a few Christmas ones that I am absolutely in love with...Christmas shapes for the Christmas season. You can find these at stores like ULTA, WAL MART and RITE AID.

  • Another gift Idea is Tocca fragrances that are found at Anthropology stores. Fragrance always makes a wonderful gift because it's something you can really get a lot of use out of. Some girls are picky but others like a variety of fragrances so something with an ornate bottle for on top of a vanity is always a lovely gift. I love the Tocca brand because of the beautiful packaging as well as wonderful product scents. Anthropology stores carry Tocca frangrances along with other wonderful unique gift ideas for the trendy girl.

  • Ulta stores always have great deals this time of year. Right now, if you spend $30 or more on a fragrance you get a free bathrobe. It seems like every time I go into an Ulta store they have some kind of great deals on cosmetics, hair, or nail products. Love this store. http://www.ulta.com/
  • Barnes and Noble is my home away from home. I think any girl/woman  could find a book, or magazine that they would like at this store. They also have really cute office supplies, journals and music if the person you're buying for doesn't enjoy reading. But a good book or journal is always a memorable gift. :)
  • Sephora. I could go on and on about things to find in this store...they have something for every budget. The Sephora by OPI nail polish make great stocking stuffers. Sephora always has a section of smaller (less priced) product items by the registers. Check those out too!

Have a wonderful day shopping or with family and friends! I'm going to go enjoy mine.

Love LO