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Tangerine Lips for 2012

Hey Guys! I love playing around with lip colors!  I tend to lean more towards medium to hot pink colors. They have always just been my personal favorite to wear. But, I think this spring and summer tangerine lips are where it's at! :)

The new PANTONE 2012 color of the year was named and it is: Tangerine Tango!

This means, bust out your best orange lip shade and rock it. There are ALL different shades of orange so I'm sure you can find one that you feel comfortable in. Maybe even a peachy orange gloss? Or, a red orange lipstick. 


If you don't want to do tangerine lips do your nails or accessories in this awesome color!!!



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Hot Pink for Summer 2011

Hi Guys! What is your favorite lip and nail color this season?? Do you have one shade that never fails you?

I don't know what it is..but I am loving HOT PINK. Hot pink for lips and hot pink for  nails! Maybe it's all of the ad's with bold bright lips for summer or the fact that I'm so ready for loud color this season. :)

I wanted to show you all some inspirational photos


8 Beauty Trends Women Wear and What Men Think of Them.

Hey Everyone! I saw an article today, 8 Trends Women Love and That Men Actually Hate. So, after reading this article I got a bright idea. Why don't I ask my husband Royce what his thoughts are on these 8 trends. I didn't tell him anything else just to tell me his thoughts on each of the trends.

Here is what his responses were. These were his exact words. I jotted them down as we spoke.

8 Beauty Trends:

1. Glitter-  "Don’t like it. Only if it's hardly noticeable, but then what’s the point of using it?  It just get’s on you…

you can’t get close to a girl cause you get glitter all over you."

2. Two toned lips - " I hate that. Gross."

3. Rosy cheeks- "I don’t mind them; as long as there not super red…I don’t mind a little blush."

4. Bold eye shadow- "I don’t like the weird colors."

5. Thin eyebrows –"No, don’t like them. They make you look very unnatural; fake."

6. Neon lipstick-  "probably not, never seen it on an average person. No, Ugly."

7. Bumps in hair-  "Ugly... the snooki poof, Ugly."

8. Heavy foundation and powder- "The worst. It’s the Worst, it just looks like you’re trying to cover up something. And , if you look like that all a guy can think of is, what is she trying to cover up?"

So, there were the results to my questionnaire with my husband and his thoughts on these trends. This is not to say you should take his word for it; because after all , since when do we let a man decide what we wear ?

Take these responses to heart, but also take them lightly. ;) You decide.

Hope you enjoyed. Talk to you all soon.

xoxo Love Lauren

Bright Lip Trend for Spring 2011

Hi! Many people ask me... what's the "trend" for lips right now? What is popular for spring 2011? My answer, bright bold lips! Not only do I see this trend in all the celebrity photos, magazines, runway and tv but I think this trend is so fun for spring. We are just getting out of a season full of dark colors , so adding bright bold splashes of color on your lips is a welcomed new trend!

Shades of bright fuchsia, orangey red, hot pinks, light lavender, corals and bubblegum pinks; they're all part of this seasons hot colors. Here are some inspirational photos I found.

Don't you love these bright pops of color?! I do...

Have a great weekend!!

Quote for today: If we only wanted to be happy it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people. Which is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are. - Montesquieu