Wonder Woman

Makeup Artist Story- A poem

A woman who is confident and kind is the best kind of customer to find.

A woman who doesn't care whose feelings get hurt,

and anything that comes to mind she feels free to blurt.

No matter what she tries on or what she wears...

My patience is something she often impairs.

She's not very nice and actually quite cold,

numbers matter and in the end, how much is sold.

This kind of customer saps the fun out of my work

and makes me feel like just like any other cosmetic clerk.

I want to make people smile ,and  look at themselves and grin

to give them the confidence of gorgeous glowing skin.

Confidence is something that comes from inside,

I can make you look pretty but your insecurity will not hide.

So be kind to everyone that you meet, those who try to help you out

Because otherwise you give me something more to write about.


You can't take a chunk out of the middle of the lipstick, don't even try,

or I'll have to stop you, and don't get me started by asking me why.

Please don't second guess if you come to us for tips and advice,

I shouldn't have to keep going over my reasoning more than twice.

I do this every day and only want to help you out,

so don't come in and complain, or scream and shout.

Love your makeup artist  and be kind to all,

and you just may walk away with quite a big haul. :)